White Sesame Seeds

Scientific Name: Sesamum indicum
Family: Pedaliaceae
Origin: Egypt
Types: White Sesame seeds
Sesame seeds are that they can also provide some pretty remarkable health benefits for the body. They’re typically found in cuisine – and have been for centuries, as long ago as ancient Egypt.
Sesame seeds actually work to improve the way your digestive system functions.
When it comes to your blood sugar, sesame seeds help to regulate sugar levels and keep them healthily low.
If you experience ringing in the ears, you may be surprised to find that sesame seeds can be a remedy.
For women, they can help nursing mothers to experience better flow of milk.
Sesame seeds may be eaten in their natural, raw form. However, you can also grind them into powder, create a paste or poultice with them, and you can even use the oil of the seeds for medicinal purposes.