Scientific name : (Mentha spicata printed as Mentha viridis LINN.)
Parts Used: Herb, leaves.
Origin: Egypt
Processing: 1-Leaves
2-Crushed leaves
Family: N.O. Labiatae Descripton Cultivation Mint Disease Harvesting Constituents Medicinal Action and Uses Preparations and Dosages
Synonyms: Garden Mint. Mentha Spicata. Mackerel Mint. Our Lady’s Mint. Green Mint. Spire Mint. Sage of Bethlehem. Fish Mint. Menthe de Notre Dame. Erba Santa Maria. Frauen Munze. Lamb Mint.

Medicinal Action and Uses: Spearmint is chiefly used for culinary purposes. The properties of Spearmint oil resemble those of Peppermint, being stimulant, carminative and antispasmodic, but its effects are less powerful, and it is less used than Peppermint, though it is better adapted for children’s maladies.