Scientific name: Carum petroselinum (BENTH.)
Family: N.O. Umbelliferae
Synonyms: Apium petroselinum (Linn.). Petroselinum lativum (Hoffm.). Petersylinge. Persely. Persele.
Origin: Egypt
Parts Used: Leaves
Processing: Crushed leaves
Medicinal Action and Uses: The uses of Parsley are many and are by no means restricted to the culinary sphere. The most familiar employment of the leaves in their fresh state is, of course, finely-chopped, as a flavoring to sauces, soups, stuffings, minces, etc., and also sprinkled over vegetables or salads. The leaves are extensively cultivated, not only for sending to market fresh, but also for the purpose of being dried and powdered as a culinary flavoring in winter, when only a limited supply of fresh Parsley is obtainable.
Medicinally, parsley are employed, also the leaves, dried, for making Parsley Tea,