Scientific Name: Hibiscus sabdariffa,
Family: Malvaceae
Origin: Egypt
Part used: Flowers
Types by cut:
1- Flower
2- Fine cut
3- Teabag
4- Powder
Medicinal Action and Uses: Hypertensive, antispasmodic, anthelmintic, antibacterial, diuretic.
As a natural febrifuge, roselle contains citric acid which is a natural coolant. Used it relieve fever in adults and children.
A strong decoction can be introduced into a bath or used for steam inhalation to treat coughs. Hibiscus is often combined with other herbs to make a cough syrup. Hibiscus is used to treat respiratory illnesses
Contains hypertensive compounds lowering to blood pressure. The plant’s ascorbic and glycolic acid increase urination.
Hibiscus is a natural emollient, used for softening or healing the skin, it is used in treatment of hair loss and scurvy
Used as a dietary addition to reduce LDL cholesterol. It made into a beautiful red wine which is sometimes mixed with tea leaves.
The plant is being studied for its abilities to effectively treat ascariasis and tuberculosis.