Scientific name: Pimpinella anisum (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Umbelliferae
Origin: Egypt
Parts Used: Seeds
Processing: clean seeds

Habitat: It is a native of Egypt, Greece, Crete and Asia Minor and was cultivated by the ancient Egyptians was cultivated in Tuscany in Roman times. In the middle Ages its cultivation spread to Central Europe.

Medicinal Action and Uses: Carminative and pectoral. Anise enjoys considerable reputation as a medicine in coughs and pectoral affections. In hard, dry coughs where expectoration is difficult, it is of much value. It is greatly used in the form of lozenges and the seeds have also been used for smoking, to promote expectoration
The volatile oil, mixed with spirits of wine forms the liqueur Anisette, which has a beneficial action on the bronchial tubes, and for bronchitis and spasmodic asthma, Anisette,

In the Paregoric Elixir prescribed as a sedative cordial by doctors,
Anise oil is used a good antiseptic.