Our Company:

We are Elsafwa co. For Export &Import ( Permix), founded in 2000, we are one of the limited companies in Egypt in the field of exporting agriculture products with very high quality.

Our main business in Peanut , dried Herbs & Grains We have our Farms, factory and can supply you by any requirements and all needs all over the year, we also have the certificates of ISO 9001 : 2000 and HACCP.

In general El-Safwa can offer the product by a variety of packing styles available for retails, food service and industrial standards and specifications available upon by request.

El-Safwa employs proficient and highly qualified experts to attain the best production level. El-Safwa exports are characterized with very good quality and nicely shaped packing, we are always shipping our good exactly according to the specification agreed-upon with our clients and are also careful to have them reached to our clients as scheduled on time.


Our policy:

El-Safwa Quality Managements System is applied in compliance with ISO- 9001 standards, ensuring that all manufacturing activities are in compliance with the HCCP System to produce safe, Hygienic and High Quality food. We reach our customers satisfaction through the highest quality at competitive prices.

Our Mission:

El-Safwa professional, experienced and motivated team, focused on clients and customers satisfaction. El-Safwa provide the quality , service , capacity and flexibility required with guaranteed consistency of supply.

Our vision:

El-Safwa working with new technology and we insist to produce and supply the best possible quality.